Friday, March 29, 2013

Meet WoW member, Linda!

Linda Townes is a Communications/PR Specialist at Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District.  She is also the Treasurer of Women of Water.

Linda has been working with JVWCD for twenty years.  She's in charge of internal communications, web content, publications, and public relations.  Being creative can sometimes be the most challenging part of her job, but she has now gotten some stellar help. "I consider myself lucky that I truly love my job!" she says.

As it has for a lot of us, water has made impact in Linda's life. "When I started at Jordan Valley Water, for all I knew, water came from my tap. I've loved water all my life, but I consider it a happy accident that I ended up in the water industry."

Linda uses her professional talent to educate the general public about the importance of water. "Most of the public doesn't think about water because it's so reliable."  She'd like to get people more engaged in JVWCD endeavors in order to better serve them.

Being a member of Women of Water is important to Linda because of its mentoring and support networks.  Continued support of organizations like WoW will encourage women to be a part of the water industry!

Linda's favorite water spot in Utah is a gully of Millcreek . "I love taking my dog down there; walking through the trees, listening to the water, and just being outdoors."

Words of advice for women coming into the business of water from Linda: "Don't hesitate!"

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