Friday, April 5, 2013

Women in Science, Women in Leadership
Our April 4th event was quite a success!  Dr. Vivian Lee gave an excellent presentation about women in the science field and leadership positions.

Dr. Lee has lived in Utah for about a year and half.  Moving here from New York was a big transition, but so far, she's loving it!  As a Senior Vice President for Health Sciences at the University of Utah, Dean of the University’s School of Medicine, and CEO of University of Utah Health Care, Dr. Lee has unique perspective of what it means to be a woman in the science field.

The presentation Dr. Lee gave Women of Water touched on subjects of how women view themselves in the science industry and how women handle leadership roles.  There are many stererotypes women have working within the science industry that can result in lack of professional confidence.  According to research, there is a correlation to these stereotypes and the trend of women leaving their careers in science.

Dr. Lee offered advice about how to overcome stereotypes, how to build your confidence, and how to be a better leader. "I suspect that a simple awareness about stereotype threat can help us avoid falling into this self-defeating trap and, by keeping our own minds open, we can avoid stereotyping others."

Dr. Vivian Lee has her own blog touching on several health care subjects.

Thank you, Dr. Lee, for spending time with Women of Water!

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