Friday, March 22, 2013's World Water Day!
March 22nd is the day we celebrate the all-important molecule: H2O!  This is also when we take a moment to think about the importance of conserving and advocating for freshwater. An international day for water was established in 1993 by the United Nation…and there are plenty of great ways to celebrate!

The theme for 2013 World Water Day is, “International Year of Water Cooperation.”  The focus is on protecting water while dealing with urbanization, pollution, and global climate change. Promoting water cooperation demands balance between religion, ethnicity, politics, and economy.

Here are some ways to celebrate:

1.       Check out a Utah State Park – visit waterbodies near Salt Lake like Rockport, Echo, Strawberry, East Canyon, or the Great Salt Lake
2.       Watch a water documentary – check out “Thirst,” “Planet Earth: Freshwater,” or “Blue Planet.”
3.       Donate to a non-profit water organization – The Water Project, Water Charity and UNICEF are a few
4.       Remind your family, friends, and yourself the importance of water conservation – nail down your irrigation plan, buy water wise plants, and recycle!

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