Friday, August 23, 2013

WOW Salutes the Jordan River Commission!

Courtesy JRC
Jordan River is the major river running through Utah & Salt Lake Valleys.  Starting from Utah Lake and ending in the Great Salt Lake, the river is home to wildlife, a hot-spot for recreation, and a place to escape the hubbub of the urban grind. The Jordan River Commission is a group of government and non-governmental organizations working together to protect and improve this important resource.

Courtesy JRC
Jordan River Commission (JRC) has one big goal: to make the Jordan River a better place for both humans and wildlife.  The Blueprint Jordan River has been created to put ideas to paper and eventually into reality.   These ideas include:
- Creating more river trails
- Improving river access
- Environmental education for the public 

Courtesy JRC
JRC Commission Director, Laura Hanson, says they have received some great support.
“Over 4,600 volunteer hours have been logged since Fall 2011, over $600,000 in grants have been received for projects benefiting the river (invasive weeds, local govt. guidance tools, trail map, environmental education) and over $12.5 million have been secured for trail completion from public initiatives with assistance of JRC.”

There are plenty of activities and volunteer opportunities provided by JRC.  River clean ups are scheduled several times each month (the next one is Aug. 28th) and volunteers are always needed!  Each monthly meeting allots time for input and ideas for the general public.  A list of events is on their website.
Courtesy JRC
Women of Water salutes the work of the Jordan River Commission.  Support JRC by visiting their website, following them online, or get involved by volunteering!

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