About Women of Water

Women of Water's mission is to Engage, Empower, and Educate.  Our organization strives to unite women throughout the state of Utah within the water industry.  As an organization we serve as a support network, offering mentoring opportunities, social events, and educational development. 

To learn more about who we are as an organization, click here for our bylaws.  To join our community, fill out our membership form and submit your payment to Treasurer Lizel Allen.

 Our Officers and Board of Directors

President: Melissa Noble (Utah Division of Drinking Water)
Vice President: Tamaran Woodland (Salt Lake County)
Past President: Christina Osborn (JUB Engineers)
Treasurer: Sarah Young (Psomas)
Secretary: Jamie Banh (Kearns Improvement District)
Activities Director: Vacant (see here for position details)
Communications/Social Media Director: Krissy Beitel
Outreach/Mentorship Director: Lizel Allen (Salt Lake County)
Funding Director: Andrea Osojnak (South Valley Sewer District)

The Blog

The Women of Water blog is an opportunity for women all over the Utah water industry to become part of an online community. Features on the blog include information about upcoming activities, spotlights on members, and updates from the Utah Women and Leadership Program.  Member/follower contributions to the blog are encouraged by communicating with other members, posting pictures, or commenting to express yourself!  (See our FAQS section for information on how you can contribute to our  monthly features)!


Women of Water could not operate without the help of our Sponsors! (Check out the Sponsors section on the right side of this blog to see who they are).  If you are interested in becoming a Women of Water sponsor, please send us an email  -- we would love to hear from you and talk about a future partnership and ways to collaborate!  (Just make sure ATTN Blog: Interested WOW Sponsor is in the subject of the email).  


Who can be a Women of Water member?  
We welcome all women within the water industry!  Whether you are a scientist, technician, teacher, engineer, or student (just to name a few).  Our organization spans throughout the Greater Salt Lake area with members from Logan to Provo. Even if you are just starting out or just recently retired in the water business, we'd love to have you. Want to be a member?  Not quite sure if you'll fit in? Email us and we'll talk with you. Just put ATTN Membership: I Want to Join in the email's subject.  We look forward to hearing from you!

If already know you want to join, please fill out the Membership form (located here) and submit your payment to our Treasurer Linda Townes.  

Can I nominate a female for your Women in Water profile features?
Yes!  If you email us the woman's name, her email/contact information, and a few sentences about why you would like her featured, we will gladly consider her.  Please put  ATTN Blog: Profile Nomination in the email's subject.  And, thanks for the tip!

Can I recommend a video to be featured on the blog?
If you email us the link, we be will very happy to review the video.  And, thanks for the tip!

Can I become a contributor to the blog?
We are trying to grow Women of Water's blog and develop regular posts.  If you have a topic idea and think you can commit to writing a post a least once a month, please send us an email.  Make sure you put in the email's subject: ATTN Blog: Contributor Idea.  We look forward to hearing about it!

Why was my comment removed from Women of Water?
Women of Water is a positive place for members (and the general public if they happen to wander over here!) to share ideas, have lively discussions, and connect with others in the water industry in Utah. Though we encourage constructive criticism and friendly debates, our priority is to keep this a safe place where people feel comfortable engaging with others in the community.  So, if we think (or hear from others) that your comment is thoughtless or offensive, we had to remove it.

Contact Us

Please feel free to email us at womenofwater@gmail.com.  Just make sure you put in the email's subject: ATTN Blog: General Inquiry.  This will help us us get your message to the right person more quickly! We get quite a few emails and comments on the blog, so we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.  If you're in a hurry and need an answer sooner-rather-than-later, check the FAQs section above -- there's a chance we may have answered your question(s) already! 

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