Monday, October 15, 2018

Want To Mentor, Need A Mentor?

Ah, The old "Leave a penny, take a penny"
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.....There when you need it, and a perfect way to give back.
Isnt it just a wholesome feel-good aspect of our culture?
Mentoring and being mentored in the water industry really gives a similar sense of purpose and community.

Which is why we've organized a mentoring event!
Only we sped it up because, come on.... we are busy people.
Finding a mentor or someone to pass your knowledge on to shouldnt be a time-consuming task!

So Without Further Ado:

The Speed Networking Luncheon is an event where you can solicit non-judgmental information from your peers.  At the event:
  • You can get to know others in the organization better,
  • You can get input on professional development related questions—where I should go with my career, how do I ask for a raise, and etc.
  • You can have someone review your resume
  • You can ask technical questions.
The format will be one-on-one or small groups meeting for a short period of time (5 to 10 minutes).  After the timer has buzzed or the facilitator has indicated its time, everyone will switch partners or small groups.  The facilitator will have a list of questions/prompts for each group/partnership in case you don’t come with questions that you are seeking answers to.

*Please make sure you bring several copies of your current resume to review with others and receive feedback.

Cost: $5 for members and $10 for non-members for the lunch and event. Payments is required even if you choose not to eat lunch.

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