Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Free Event - Help Women of Water improve our community!

Salt Lake City Parks and Public Lands are hosting a free event; 
a pancake fueled puncturevine pulling "competition". 
There will be prizes, free pancake breakfast and the satisfaction that we are improving the Jordan Parkway by ridding it of the the noxious weed currently plaguing the trails.


It looks like this and it is super easy to pull out. (Very shallow roots)

              Almost pretty, right?                       Sure........ until it drops its seeds.

Those seeds then make their way into any unlucky 
bike tires and puppy paws that happen to cross their path.

Think of the poor puppies!!

Come down next Saturday and help us pull these pesky puncture vines!
We will be meeting in Jordan Park/Modesto Park  
Our group will meet and start pulling vines at this spot:
1048 Modesto Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84104
from 9am until Noon.  

Please remember to wear closed toe shoes (no flip flops) and bring a pair of gloves, refillable water bottle and hat/sunscreen, if needed.  We'll have everything else!

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