Friday, March 18, 2016

Mentorship Opportunities

The primary goal of Utah Women of Water is to “Engage, Empower, and Educate” women throughout the state of Utah within the water industryOne of the ways that our organization strives to accomplish this is through building a network and connecting professionals at different stages in their careers.
We are excited to offer an opportunity for interested members and non-members to connect with others in the industry – fill out the Google Forms Survey and we will connect you with others in the organization who have complementary interests. Both the mentors and mentees will have opportunities to connect with each other on their own and at our monthly activities (including our social next week on March 23!)

If you have any questions, please email us at WomenofWater{at} with ATTN: Mentor Program in the subject line. In case you need any motivation for participating in this opportunity, check out the many benefits – on both sides – of a mentoring relationship!

Benefits for Mentors (from Forbes):
·        Better understand the business: “My mentee helped me see issues in the company that I didn’t know existed.”
·      Better understand how people perceive you: “I was able to see the perception others held of me, through the eyes of my mentee.”
·      Create a larger network: “By helping others I’ve also created a network of allies I can rely upon when I need help.”
·      Help solve issues: “I’ve been able to step out of my own shoes and help my mentees see things from other perspectives. This, in turn, has helped me in resolving issues within my own department.”
·      Personal satisfaction: “I have been able to watch and actively help younger women succeed in our industry – and it’s such a wonderful feeling to help another person succeed!”

Benefits for Mentees:
·        Gain knowledge and insight into the industry – learn how organizations/companies/agencies work and fit together
·        Grow your network and develop professional relationships – your mentor has already formed relationships with others in the industry and may be able to introduce you or help you make connections with important players in the area.
·        Learn business and life skills – hear from someone who has dealt with and overcome challenges that you are facing in your career, and learn from their mistakes and successes.

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