Friday, February 15, 2013

Meet WoW Member, Susan!

Susan Tanner Holmes has been working with Central Davis Sewer District for the past 12 years.  As a chair on the board of directors, she has a unique perspective of the water industry.

It takes creativity and hard work to overcome challenges met by Susan's position. She has to make sure that Central Davis customers' needs are being met while ensuring finanical resources of the facility.  On top of that, State and Federal regulations must be met. While they can be daunting tasks, Susan has great support from her manager and staff.

Susan finds great value in education; especially in the science field. "We at Central Davis Sewer District have made great strides in ensuring that good science and careful attention (are given) to the ecology of the Great Salt Lake and its tributaries (in order for them to) stand the test of time.  Education on the importance of good, accurate, and unbiased science in ensuring safe water is vital."
Being a Women of Water member is important to Susan because of the networking and support opportunites it creates.  These opportunites allow us to get together as professional women and be better prepared for the challenges our jobs bring!

Susan's advice to upcoming Women of Water: "...don't allow yourself to be blinded by one focus. Look around, be innovative, and learn how to accomplish excellence with careful attention to science, the environment, and the public's money."

The Great Salt Lake is the special water spot in Utah for Susan.  It's not only a safe-haven for thousands of birds but the home of Utah's most important industries - brine shrimp!

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