Friday, February 22, 2013

Go, Snowpack, Go!

We've been having an interesting winter here in the Salt Lake valley. It seems like I've been shoveling a lot more than usual! Getting snow in the valley is great, but what about in the mountains where our reservoirs are? Could we still have a drought year with all this snow?
With April 1st just a month away, it's time to start analyzing our snow totals for the year. Remember last winter? It seemed like we barely had to worry about snow tires, slow commutes, and snow plows.  And then the summer we had...I watched the news nightly to see where the next wildfire was. 
Fire near St. George, UT
According to SNOTEL, the Brighton snow station is reporting 42 inches of snow so far.  The average snow water equivalent is 30 inches and average precipitation is 46 inches.

As far as our percent of average snowpack, the Sevier area is in the lead with 103% of the average snowpack.  The Salt Lake valley is at 79% average...the lowest area in the state is the Weber River area with 71% average.

When April rolls around, Division of Water Resources publishes our water standings.  Predictions for our drought conditions will be addressed as well as our precipitation graphs, reservoir storage levels, and the water supply outlook.

So, instead of grumbling at the winter storm this weekend, encourage those flakes to fall!  A couple more storms would bump our snowpack average closer to that ideal 100%.

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