Friday, May 3, 2013

Engage, Empower, Educate!

Do you ever feel like you have a lot of potential but you just can’t let it all out? Looking for a way to better yourself professionally?  Women of Water wants you to educate yourself so that you can be the best professional you can be! Here are two articles to help you use all of your potential and perfect your leadership skills!
Forbes Magazine has an article called, “5 Things People Must Change About The Way They Lead.” Some tips the article gives are:

1.       Be clear for what you stand for
2.       Be capable of earning respect
3.       Aim to make a long-term impact on your organization
4.       Take time to self-evaluate your leadership
5.        Love what you do as a leader
The next article comes from Harvard Business Review, “Overcome the Complexity Within You.”
This article addresses how people can make a small assignment a lot more complex that it really needs
to be.  Being a “complexifier” can be a negative thing because it may cause unnecessary work loads,
longer time frames, and confusion.  Aim to be a "simplifier":

1.       Know how much data is enough
2.       Agree on key priorities
3.       Have an efficient process for review and correction
4.       Be able to explain your work plan
Take a little break from your day to read over these articles! They provide great information that will
make you think about how you operate as a professional.

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