Saturday, January 19, 2013

Training & Education Opportunity!
Utah On-site Wastewater Association (UOWA) is putting on their annual conference in Salt Lake City, January 30-31st!

UOWA is an association that addresses the needs of on-site wasterwater.  Popular conference items include:

*  Input to Utah policy makers about on-site wastewater regulations and policies
*  Ideas about information and technology of wastewater
*  Advancements in wastewater treatment
*  Potential wastewater technology specific for Utah
*  Promoting professional skills and knowledge through training, certification, and education.

UOWA targets a diverse group of people associated with on-site wastewater treament and disposal.  Their conference benefits those involved in land development, real estate, system design, septic systems & repair, and municipal authority.

Respresent Women of Water and come check out what UOWA has to offer at their annual conference!

Location: Utah Department of Natural Resources, 1594 West North Temple, Salt Lake City

Contact USU Professor Judy Sims for registration information

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