Friday, February 8, 2013

Knock, knock...who's there??
…Who’s there?
Bill who?
House Bill!
Some interesting water bills that are working their way through Utah’s Legislature...

HB 36 Storm Water Capture Amendments, Representative Jim Nielson.
HB 36 prevents the State Engineer from enforcement actions for stormwater detention as long as the collection doesn’t interfere with any water rights and/or doesn’t put the harvested water to beneficial use.  This bill also creates a registration of rain water collection tanks (up to two 100 gal. tanks can be used without registration).   Up to 2500 gallons of rain water can be harvested with a registration.

HB 72 Safe Drinking Water Disclosure Act, Representative Roger Barrus.
Back from last year’s session, this bill is all about fluoride.  It will require public water systems that fluoridate water supplies to meet certain requirements.  Local health departments will also be required to temporarily remove or order to temporarily remove fluoride from a public water system.

SB 154 Sales and Use Tax Taxation of Water, Senator Scott Jenkins.
 SB 154 would subject the sale of potable water to Sales and Use Tax. The state portion of these tax funds would go to the Conservation and Development Fund for the Board of Water Resources water projects. The local government portion would go to a general fund usable by those taxing entities.

For more water bills click here! Contact your local representative to support or oppose these bills!

*Special thanks to Fred W. Finlinson for his Legislative Report

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