Sunday, December 9, 2012

Meet W.O.W. Member, Christina!

Christina Osborn is the featured Women of Water member. She has been working with J-U-B Engineers for the past six years planning and designing wastewater and water reuse facilities. Previously, she served in the Peace Corps for 27 months. She gained a lot of experience being stationed in the Dominican Republic; working on water and sanitation projects.

Water made the first big impact in Christina's life during her work with the Peace Corps. "My time in the Peace Corps taught me how valuable and precious clean water is," she says, "and what life is like if local governments are not able to provide that resource. When you don't have water life becomes a struggle, primarily for women."

If Christina could change anything within the water industry, she would assure everyone affordable access to clean drinking water and sanitation. This would eliminate the need for bottled water and reduce a lot of plastic waste. Her changes would advocate a primary goal: water conservation.

Her advice for future women of water:
"Perseverance. While our colleagues and coworkers may not look, act, or think just like we do, women are needed in this industry more than ever. The fields related to water, no matter where you work or what you do, are great ones because the roles we serve ultimately lead to providing such an important resource to society."

Whether she's recreating in Little Cottonwood Canyon or floating down the serene Green River, water has a special meaning to Christina. Being a member of Women of Water is important to her because Women of Water a voice to women who work in water - we are out there!"

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